HTC One and Jabra Bluetooth Headset Experience

Jabra-headsetI have a 1-month-old Jabra bluetooth ver. 4 headset that I use every day with my HTC One Android smartphone which runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat Google Play Edition, for hours with absolutely no reception problems or static. In other words, it works perfectly.

I have even found it to work on different levels of my townhouse. My phone could be in the lower level at one end and I could be upstairs at the other end, and I can still answer calls.

Needless to say, I am beyond impressed with the bluetooth combo the One and this Jabra make. In previous years of using every iPhone up to the 5, I never had that kind of range with a bluetooth device.

I use Google Play Music All Access on my One, and it streams to a Bose bluetooth speaker in my living room without any problems, even when the phone is upstairs. Again, excellent range, no skips or dropouts.

Today I went for a walk through the neighborhood and wanted to try out the A2DP functionality of the Jabra headset. I turned it on, fired up Play Music, and started playing some tracks. This worked fine, great quality, plenty enough volume, no skips… I was impressed… until… I put my One in my pocket.

That’s right, I just put my One in my front left jeans pocket and audio cut out entirely. As soon as I pulled my One back out of my pocket, the audio came back. I tried my back pocket, same thing.

With my One in my hand, no problem. I could set my One on the kitchen counter and walk upstairs, down the hall to my bedroom, and music streamed to the Jabra just fine. But as soon as I put my One in a pocket it cuts out.

If I set the phone on my bed and place a pair of jeans over it, no problems. So it’s obviously something about my body that is completely killing bluetooth when the device is in my pocket.┬áMind you, the headset was less than 3 feet away, with the headset on my left ear and phone in either front or back left jeans pocket. I have no metal in my body, and I’m right in the middle of average on the body mass index.

I guess my curiosity is this. Why does the One have no problems streaming music to my Bose speaker when my One is in my pocket, and through walls and even a different floor of the house (maybe 50 feet away in a direct line, through 4 walls including the kitchen with all it’s additional cabinets and appliances), but it can’t stream music to a brand-new Jabra bt ver 4 headset when it’s less than 36 inches away in my pocket?